Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Timeless Elegance: The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Gifts |28 November 2023

So you're not quite panicking yet; plenty of time to get all your presents bought, wrapped and under the tree and save yourself the holiday stress. Only one problem: you’ve got no idea what to get him. No ideas at all. You can’t get him any more socks, and you’ve tried to ask him what he wants only to be greeted by blank, vaguely confused expressions. ‘I don’t know’, he says. ‘I don’t want anything’, he says. Nightmare. Now you are stuck scrolling the internet trying to figure out the perfect gift.

Well have no fear, Charles Fish is here, and we have the greatest gift ideas to bring him all the Christmas cheer. Is that clear? Nothing can elevate your gift-giving (and his style) like jewellery this holiday season, and with our pre-loved collections, you can be happy you are helping the environment too.

Sounds good? Check out our collections below.

Chains and Bracelets

Nothing says timeless style like a classic chain. Whether a chain necklace or bracelet, a daily wearer or a special statement piece, a good quality gold chain will never go out of fashion. Give him a gift that perfectly blends sophistication and sentimentality, transcends trends and adds a touch of class to every outfit.

See our Mans Chain Collection.

Pre-Owned 9ct Gold Barked Link Curb ID Bracelet
pre owned chain necklace
Pre-Owned 9ct Gold Barked Link Curb ID Bracelet

Pre-Owned 9ct Gold 24 inches Curb Chain Necklace


Signature Signet Style

With both classic designs and contemporary flair signet rings are the luxury touch for the discerning man in your life. Each ring carries its own unique narrative of craftsmanship and refinement, and you’ll be sure to find a match for his taste with our range of curated pieces. Keep it minimal or find him a bold piece to match his personality, make this holiday unforgettable with a gift that radiates luxury and style.

Think thats a bit of him? Shop Signature Rings Now.

Pre-Owned 14ct Gold Colorful Gemstones Square Signet Ring

Pre-Owned 22ct Gold Patterned Square Signet Ring

Pre-Owned Gold Colorful Gemstones Signet Ring

Pre-Owned 22ct Gold Patterned Square Signet Ring


Timeless Icons

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is like unwrapping a present to find a watch on Christmas morning. A piece of exceptional craftsmanship and incredible engineering you can wear every day? Perfect. Watches are fantastic fashion statement and an intelligent investment. We’ve got some pieces to start his collection off right. The Tudor Black Bay (created by the Rolex founder) is the epitome of Swiss design: robust, unobtrusive, beautiful and something its a little off the beaten track. Or maybe he’s more into classics? Look at Omega, the only watch company to be officially recognised by Nasa (they make all the Astronaut’s watches). Their Seamaster is an iconic design and a watch he’ll fall back in love with every time he puts it on.

Thinking it's time to commit? Shop our Pre-Owned Watches.

Ore owned Omega Seamaster Diver 300m
Pre-Owned Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 21030422004001

Pre-Owned Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 

Pre-Owned Tudor Black Bay 79220B


So that's Christmas sorted, and you'll definitely remember us come his birthday, right?
Happy Holidays!
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