Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a magical wow moment in anyone's life, and a diamond engagement ring is the band of love that will tell your story. It will keep you together forever while adding a charm to your beloved's hand.

Although the preparations are fascinating, they can also be a little stressful. You may get a little overwhelmed upon selecting engagement rings, especially when searching for the perfect ring that will reflect your partner's taste.

Don't panic, relax and get comfortable. Our experts at Charles Fish are here to help you make the perfect choice.

We offer various engagement rings, from classic shapes like solitaire and princess cut to more contemporary styles like emerald-cut and oval. The metal you choose can also affect the look and feel of your ring; platinum is a timeless choice, while rose gold is more trendy!

The engagement ring you choose should be unique, whether a timeless aesthetic or a modern one. It will always be a reminder of your love, and it deserves careful thinking before being selected. You will most likely run through plenty of exquisite diamond engagement rings before you'll find 'the one' for your special lady. 

So, where to start from? Let's dive in to explore our expertly crafted diamond engagement rings collection that celebrates love in one of the best ways possible.

The different types of engagement rings.

What to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring? Learn about the 4Cs.

The search for the ideal engagement ring becomes easier when you know what you're looking for in a diamond ring. Details matter when it comes to a diamond engagement ring. Your decision should reflect both your fiancée's distinctive style and your love for one another. 

While the style and setting matter, it's equally important to consider the 4Cs of the diamond: carat, cut, clarity, and colour. The system experts use to grade the quality of stones. Each has its own special grading scale defined by the GIA.

Every Charles Fish solitaire diamond is selected from the highest third of the scale, ensuring the perfect balance of sparkle, brilliance and proportion.

Carat: a weighty issue

Carat: a weighty issue

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats, and one carat is the equivalent of 0.20 grammes. Although weight is one of the most important factors in determining the price of a diamond, bigger is not always better.

The rule of thumb is that small and sparkly is preferable to large and dull. 

Colour: less is more

Colour: less is more

When it comes to the 'sparkle factor', a colourless or white diamond is best simply because it allows more light to pass through. D represents the rarest, colourless diamonds on the GIA scale, and Z is the most tinted in colour. Charles Fish diamonds are always selected to be between D and H, ensuring that they are all white in colour.

Clarity: clearly the best

Clarity: clearly the best

Significantly few diamonds are deemed flawless - so few, in fact, that most jewellers will never see one. Most contain unique birthmarks that, in the diamond business, are referred to as inclusions. The purity of a diamond depends on the number of inclusions, size and position. The GIA scale of purity ranges from IF (Internally flawless) to I3 (Imperfect: inclusions visible to the naked eye).

For a ring with show-stopping sparkle, Charles Fish prefers to work with diamonds that rarely have inclusions visible to the naked eye - SI2 and above. In other words, dazzlingly clear.

Cut: sheer brilliance 

Cut: sheer brilliance 

The most important 'C', a skilful cut, is vital for luminescence. Symmetry and balance are critical in defining a diamond's beauty. Charles Fish works with the best diamond, coming out at the top of the scale: 'good' or 'very good.

Conflict-free: a final C

We are dedicated to the fight against conflict diamonds (where the revenue from diamond sales is used to finance armed conflict). We comply without exception with the Kimberley Process. This means that all our diamonds come with a warranty from their supplier, which legally proves they are not conflict diamonds. 

Metal magic

All precious metals are alloys, blends of other metals.

The higher the precious metal content, the longer it will retain its lustre. 

18-carat gold is 75% pure metal, whilst platinum is 95% pure (platinum will last a lifetime!)

Platinum and 18ct gold are Charles Fish's favourite precious metals. Although light, they are some of the most durable precious metals and the best to embrace the rough and tumble of day-to-day married life without losing their good looks.  However, we would be happy to work with you to design a ring with whatever metal you like.

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Now that you know everything about diamonds, you are ready to choose your engagement ring.

Shop one of our selected diamond rings or design your perfect engagement ring with us.

We provide a bespoke jewellery design service for a unique engagement ring. From an endless variety of styles, settings, and gemstones, we make sure that the ring will be something you will want to show off and wear every day.

Whether you're looking for one-carat engagement rings, two-carat engagement rings, or any other engagement ring type, we have an endless collection to match your taste and budget.

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