Let the Lunar New Year Bring Luck and Good Fortune to Your Life

The Chinese New Year rings in officially on 1 February 2022, heralding the Year of the Water-Tiger. In Chinese culture, it is believed that each year is ruled by a different animal that will bring specific characteristics. The Tiger is one of those animals known for being fierce, strong and brave. It also represents creativity and deep insight into the world. With a strong influence of water energy this New Year, it's time to be adventurous!

We want to celebrate this most auspicious year of the Tiger by bringing luck to you with our unique Lunar New Year-themed collection. We've got everything you need for this Lunar New Year: necklaces, bracelets and charms all celebrating the Lunar New Year. We at Charles Fish have put together a selection of pieces for everyone. You'll find the perfect gift for those who go after adventure and challenge, for those who need more power and drive, and for those who seek intelligence. We also thought about the perfect gift for your loved one, for that little extra luck to help them through any challenges. We got a charm for everyone!

Celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, or simply add a little luck and good fortune to your life with our range of Lunar New Year-themed jewellery!

Swarovski Letra Green Clover Bracelet

Green for good luck, this Swarovski Letra Green Clover Bracelet will help you get your wishes and dreams in harmony with the universe.
Combine luck and style with this crystal bracelet that will add a cool touch of elegance to any outfit. The adjustable waxed cotton cord slides on and off, helping you get the perfect fit every time.
Made from green square crystals, this Swarovski bracelet features a printed clover motif to symbolize good luck and bring joy and positivity to your jewellery collection.
Swarovski's Letra Collection, designed by Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert, is a simple but colourful jewellery collection that aims to bring joyful pieces to your life.

Annie Haak Itsy Bitsy Guardian Angel Necklace

Annie Haak designed a perfect and delicate piece of jewellery to protect you wherever you go. This Annie Haak necklace features a glistening guardian angel, a symbol of protection, good luck, and well-being, with beautiful swirl shapes and fine details.
This unique piece will bring a touch of contemporary style to your look, together with the strengths of an angel: faith, wisdom and willpower.
Wear this guardian angel charm close to your heart and feel its protection wherever you go. Made from sterling silver, you can carry this sweet angel necklace every day for good fortune and protection or give it to someone special for the Lunar New Year.

Thomas Sabo Symbols Zirconia Chain Necklace

Show your Thomas Sabo style with this sterling silver necklace with lucky charms. Hanging from the silver chain, tiny symbol charms adorned with cubic zirconia imbue the necklace with a special aura.
An eye-catcher in the layering look, this Thomas Sabo necklace features five different symbol charms that exude absolute strength and protection: a bolt of lightning, a four-leaved cloverleaf, a peace icon, a heart and an infinity symbol.
Thomas Sabo always finds the perfect match between a piece of jewellery and your individual style. Whether you are looking for something classical or modern, you’ll find it in this collection. Thomas Sabo Symbols Zirconia Chain Necklace is a combination of charm and luck – a perfect New Lunar Year gift for your loved ones or for spoiling your tiger spirit.

Swarovski Sparkling Dance Clover Set Pink

Carry a piece of luck wherever you go with this exclusive Swarovski Sparkling Dance Clover Set. Whether it's for a special occasion or the celebration of life's most meaningful moments, this beautiful jewellery set is sure to be treasured.
The Sparkling Dance collection brings a unique twist to traditional motifs and shapes. Both the necklace and earrings feature a pink dancing stone in the form of a clover, appearing to float inside its rose-gold plated setting. Finish with a touch of pave set crystal adds an extra dose of that unique Swarovski sparkle. This lovely Swarovski set will make anybody lucky enough to wear it feel blessed on this Lunar New Year.

Achara Lucky Clover Stud Earrings

Based on an old Irish legend, anyone who wears a four-leaf clover will double their luck. The clover has been described as a manifestation of divine providence and blessed intervention. Wear them with your casual attire for a charming touch, or wear them with your dressier looks for that sprinkle of luck. One popular belief is that the clover's luck, when passed down, will double, making this the perfect gift for loved ones in your life. And let's face it, who wouldn't want to double their luck this New Lunar Year!

Pre-Owned 999 Gold Chinese Luck Symbol Pendant

In the Chinese calendar the Year of the Tiger is said to bring good luck and fortune. The Tiger stands for confidence, creativity, and strength. This Pre-Owned 999 Gold Chinese Luck Symbol Pendant is an auspicious way to celebrate 2022, featuring the traditional Chinese symbol for good luck and fortune. This bold pendant represents the power of confidence to pursue your goals and dreams. Fusing the zeitgeist of the ancient symbols with the artistry of modern craftsmanship by master artisans with exceptional attention to detail.

Pre-Owned 9ct Gold Chinese Dragon Pendant

This Pre-owned 9ct Gold Chinese Dragon Pendant Charm is the perfect ornament to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In Chinese culture, your birth year is represented by an animal as a symbol of particular personality traits. Whilst tigers are known for their confidence and intelligence, dragons are said to bring charm and luck. The dragon has always been celebrated as a symbol of power in Chinese culture, making it a perfect choice for this beautiful take on the traditional zodiac animal. Complete with lucky red enamel embellishments, this gold charm is the ideal gift for wishing luck and happiness this Lunar New Year.

Thomas Sabo Tigers Eye Bracelet

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with aptly designed jewellery that symbolises challenge and imagination.
Thomas Sabo offers a range of sterling silver jewellery, including this beaded bracelet featuring tiger's eye beads and engraved with various patterns of life's marvels, represented by the ferocious tiger. The velvety-matt look highlights the extraordinary and unique look of the bracelet. Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this dazzling bracelet from Thomas Sabo Collection.

We always say luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. So why not carry a little luck with you everywhere you go? Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or simply want to celebrate the Lunar New Year in style, our selection of lucky jewellery pieces can be just the thing you were looking for.
Have you not found what you are looking for yet? Don’t worry. Our range of exclusive jewellery includes silver, gold and a combination of precious materials such as dazzling crystals, diamonds and sapphires. No matter if you’re looking for charm bracelets, rings, earrings or a pendant, you will always find the perfect piece at Charles Fish!
We wish you happiness and good fortune all year round!