Achara Creole 2mm Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings


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These 2mm gauge creole earrings are ones of the most popular gold hoops in Achara's collection. Made in long-lasting 18 carat gold plated sterling silver, they are extremely easy to take on and off thanks to their hinged fastening. Perfect for your everyday look, stack with other Achara earrings for a trendy ear curation. Earring thickness 2mm. Comes in different sizes. Earring diameter 15mm, inner diameter 11mm: CTE-05166-15-SIL. Earring diameter 20mm, inner diameter 17mm: CTE-05166-20-SIL.
  • Earring diameter 15mm - Inner diameter 11mm.
  • Earring thickness 2mm.
  • Weight 1.3 gr.
  • Rhodium plated sterling silver.
  • Earring diameter 20mm - Inner diameter 17mm.
  • Earring thickness 2mm.
  • Weight 1.8 gr.
  • Rhodium plated sterling silver.

Product Specifications

Brand Achara
Earring type Hoop
Diameter 15 mm
Diameter 20 mm
Inner diameter 11 mm
Inner diameter 17 mm
Material Sterling silver
Weight 1.8 gr
SKU CTE-05166-15-SIL
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