Piercings at Charles Fish

Stunningly simple gold hoods, glittering diamonds, on-trend ear stacks – whatever your style, whatever your mood, earrings allow for endless customisation.

That’s why we offer an incredible array of earrings to choose from at our piercing studio. From delicate heart studs to 18-karat gold styles, these are earrings you’ll fall in love with from day one.  

We’re committed to giving you a stress-free piercing experience.

Our professional studio provides a calm, comfortable atmosphere for your piercing, and our expert piercers are trained using a safe, gentle piercing method. Whether you’re adding some new studs to your stack or it’s your first-ever piercing, we’ll help you find the perfect pair for your ears.


Unlike some studios, we don’t ask you to pay an additional service fee on top of the price of your jewellery – all you’ll need to cover is the cost of the earrings. So, simply find the pair of earrings you’d like, and we’ll do your piercing for free! You’ll also receive a complimentary care sheet and a bottle of aftercare solution, so you can take care of your new piercing while it heals. 

Prices range from £25 for simple steel or titanium ball studs up to £85 for 18-karat gold earrings. 

Our ear piercings

Our ear piercings

Lobe piercings

Lobe piercings are the most popular type of ear piercing – and the least painful. They also have the quickest healing time (usually six to eight weeks). We offer a selection of lobe piercings, including standard and upper lobe piercings, giving you the freedom to wear multiple earrings at once. 

Cartilage piercings

Cartilage piercings refer to piercings located in a part of the ear where the tissue is more rigid than the soft lobe area. These ultra-trendy piercings give you a chance to experiment with a wide range of styles, from minimal helix hoops to a fully curated ear stack. We provide a wide range of cartilage piercings, including helix, tragus and conch piercings.

How it works 

Our piercing studio uses a safe, gentle system to pierce ears in three easy steps.

Ear Piercing Aftercare

Getting your ear pierced at Charles Fish is quick and easy – but you’ll still need to look after your piercing once you head home. Aftercare is an incredibly important part of your piercing, and it requires some gentle love and care to make sure it heals properly. 

Cleaning Your Piercing

Cleaning Your Piercing

To prevent infection, you should clean your new piercing twice a day. As part of your ear piercing service, you’ll receive a handy care sheet and a bottle of aftercare solution, so you don’t need to worry about making your own saline solution.

When cleaning your piercing, soak a cotton pad in the aftercare solution and place it on the piercing for five minutes. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly touching your piercing.

Things to avoid:

Touching your piercing: Try to avoid fiddling with or scratching your new piercing. If you have to touch your piercing, such as for cleaning it, make sure to wash your hands. 
Changing your piercing: As tempting as it can be to experiment with your style, it’s important not to change your piercing too soon. Lobe piercings can be changed after six weeks, and cartilage piercings can be changed after 12 weeks.
Alcohol: Avoid drinking alcohol for the first 24 hours after your ear piercing, as it can cause bleeding and swelling. 
Swimming: To prevent infection, you should avoid swimming in pools and the sea for four weeks after your piercing appointment. 
Sleeping on your piercing: Try not to sleep on your new piercing, as this can irritate the area. Ideally, it’s best to sleep on your back while your piercing heals. 
Ointments, peroxide or contact lenses solution: Avoid using harsh chemicals or ointments to clean your piercing, as these can irritate the area and prolong the healing process.

How long will an ear piercing take to heal?

The healing process for your new piercing depends on a few factors. For lobe piercings, your ear should heal in six to eight weeks. For cartilage piercings, the healing process is longer and can take six to 12 months to heal fully.

Other factors, such as your immune system and your diet, can also impact the healing process, so it’s a good idea to load your plate with plenty of veggies. 

Save 30% off your next 5 pairs of earrings 

Excited to curate your ear stack? We’re currently offering our piercing customers a massive 30% off your next five pairs of earrings, valid for six months from the date of your piercing. Happy shopping!

COVID-19 update:

Keeping customers safe during the pandemic is our top priority. Although we’re still offering walk-in appointments, we’re currently limiting the number of people in-store to six, in line with the latest government guidance. To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking your piercing online using our booking form. 

Book your Appointment 

Ready to get your new piercing? We offer both walk-ins and pre-booked ear-piercing appointments.

Find your nearest Charles Fish piercing studio, and pop in to see us any time. 

To secure a piercing slot, you can book an appointment using our handy booking form below or clicking here

Please note that our appointments are back to back, so if you are running late you might not have the time to get the service done in time and we'll be forced to reschedule.

Piercing Children's Ears

At Charles Fish, our expert piercers will help your child have the best experience with their first ear piercing.
However we feel we have a responsibility to provide a safe piercing experience, and we will therefore be offering children’s ear piercing packages for ear lobes only for children 6 years and up.

We ask that you only bring along the child who is being pierced with no other siblings or friends. Only 2 adults are allowed to be with the child while we get the ear piercing done. We find this provides a much more calming atmosphere and also gives the parent and the piercer 100% focus on your child.

Minors will need a parent or legal guardians present to sign Charles Fish's Piercing Registration Form.

Sometimes kids get nervous and that’s absolutely fine! We believe strongly in bodily autonomy in our studio so if a child decides they don’t want to go through with the piercings, that’s not a problem. We don’t want it to be a stressful experience for your child so we ask that you don’t try to persuade them to go through with it if they have changed their mind. There will always be another time when they are ready and we will always be happy to book them back in when the time comes! For this, and for everyone's comfort, we reserve the right to interrupt the appointment if the child is showing clear signs of uneasiness.

Please be aware that the piercing service is free, you only pay for the sterile earring that comes in sealed packaging.
In the eventuality that your child changes their idea after the earring is taken out of its packaging, we'll still charge you for the earring but we won't be able to reuse it to pierce the ear in the future, as the earring will no longer be sterile and won't be hygienically safe to use.