Diamond Jewellery

At Charles Fish, we’re passionate about diamonds and are specialized to help you celebrate life with diamond jewellery.

Diamond Necklace

Our necklace collections are a timeless and classic staple for every woman's jewellery collection. Flaunt the diva inside you with a princess cut diamond necklace or a heart cut solitaire necklace. Choose a round cut diamond pendant as a solitaire necklace for a sophisticated look and win people's hearts while showing off your luxurious fashion statement. Select the one you want from an endless collection or take them all. 

Diamond Ring

You can never forget the feeling of wearing your first diamond ring, whether it was a surprise proposal or your first gift to yourself. Our magnificent diamond rings come in unique designs, studded with prestigious diamonds to turn heads every time you walk into a gathering. Find the one that matches your shine.

Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are an everlasting addition to any woman's jewellery collection. You know there's nothing like too many earrings for a woman, especially when diamonds come into the picture. Choose between diamond hoops, tiny stud earrings or statement diamond earrings. Our dazzling range of diamond studs and hoops, with timeless charm, will fit any occasion from dusk till dawn. Whether you go bold or simple, colourful or sparkling, our diamond earrings will suit your taste and budget. Choose the perfect diamond earrings for you from our endless range.

Here at Charles Fish we offer the best quality at the best price.

We’ve been in the fine jewellery business since 1830, so you can rely on the expertise of our family-run business to help you find the perfect diamond piece for you or your loved one.

While the style and setting matter, it's equally important to consider the 4Cs of the diamond: carat, cut, clarity, and colour. The system experts use to grade the quality of stones. Each has its own special grading scale defined by the GIA.
Every Charles Fish diamond is selected from the highest third of the scale (G\H - VS\S1), ensuring the perfect balance of sparkle, brilliance and proportion.